We are the Charged Particles who know how to convert our creative energy into meaningful relationships for your brand.

Meet Our Founders

Sourabh Yadav

Sourabh Yadav
aka Marketing Maniac

One who has love for something more than normal.

I have been part of numerous startups before starting Qoulomb. That phase taught me human psychology more than books. After all, the whole world is about humans.

Energy Bomb.




Vivek Mishra
aka Branding Bold

One who is courageous, Imaginative and breaks the normal. 

Earlier, It was cricket that inspired me to dream big and always thrive to become a better version of myself. Now, I use the same principles in what I love – branding, design, copywriting. 





Qoulomb - SI Unit of Content

Love of Logics. 

You know Coulomb? aka the French Physicist
Charles Augustin De Coulomb

Way back in 1785, Coulomb gave a law about Electrostatic Force. It helped to measure the force between 2 charged particles.  

We wanted to represent our energetic & creative approach through our name. Charges are responsible for almost all kind of energy in digital world. So, we took Q which represents Charge and made – Qoulomb. Having 2 Founders, Coulomb’s law was most fitting idea to get inspired. 

Team Matters the Most

Fun in the air, Learnings inside the head

Our team shares the experience!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Well, we have worked on projects ranging from $300 to $15000. It truly depends on the type of service and your requirements. We always prefer custom pricing depending on your requirements so that’s it’s always inside the budget.

Generally for a static website of 3-5 pages, it takes three to four weeks to design and develop. Adding more services like Web Content & SEO Optimization can increase this period by 10 more days.

Winning with SEO is a long term game. It’s made for businesses who want endless traffic and leads without putting thousands of dollars into ads. It takes at least four to six months for showing some results. These results can exponentially increase over the time. But one thing is for sure, once SEO has started, nothing can stop your brand from reaching to your customers.

I just need content creation support for my brand, Do you provide that? - Content Marketing

Yes, huge experience. Few years ago, we started with WordPress only. From then, we have built a team that has dealt with almost every aspect of WordPress websites.
Check out some cool websites developed in WordPress by Qoulomb.

Not at all. Working with clients based in USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Israel and 7 other countries has proved that Qoulomb works beyond the timezones. Feel free to contact us anytime!


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